We are a community-based association representing the social, economic, environmental and political interests of Long Island Oyster Growers.


Board of Directors & Association Committees

Ten Year Review Committee

Adam Younes

Elizabeth Peeples

Karen Rivara

Mike Doal

Will Peckham

SCCC/Captree/Interns Committee

Chuck Westfall

Rory Allen

Sixto Porttilla

Steve Frattini

Susanna Osinski

PR/Marketing Committee

Ben Gonzales

Greg St. Clair

Paul McCormick 

Stefanie Bassett

Toni Brink

Will Peckham

Agricultural Districts Committee

Chuck Westfall

Marty Byrnes

Paul McCormick

Marine Advisory Committee

Ben Gonzales

Dave Daly

Matt Ketcham 

NYSDEC Shellfish Advisory Committee

Chuck Westfall- Representative

Paul McCormick- Alternate